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Brazilian Tummy Tuck

A Brazilian tummy tuck involves the same procedures as a standard tummy tuck but with some differences. The doctor requires the patient to lose weight before the surgery as a tummy tuck does not help you with obesity. A healthy diet and exercise can only go so far, though, and the Brazilian tummy tuck is a popular and attractive option for removing stubborn belly fat and excess skin in the abdomen. The Brazilian tummy tuck also improves the shape of the abdomen.

The Brazilian Procedure

The Brazilian procedure typically uses a combination of extensive liposuction to remove fat from the wall of the abdomen, while Abdominoplasty surgery gets rid of excess, loose skin. It also tightens the deep layer of thicker tissue to make the waist smaller and close together the wall muscles to reduce tummy bulge.

The Brazilian surgery, with its extensive liposuction procedure, is more suited to women with fatty tummies and loose skin. Liposuction reduces the amount of tissue removed from the abdomen in the tummy tuck procedure, reducing surgery time and the need for drainage.

After the Procedure

The Brazilian procedure allows for other tucking to go on simultaneously. The arms, for example, and because of the intensity of the operation, there is a concern about post-surgery pain. Pain is well controlled, however. Before the surgery and after the general anesthesia, an ultrasound scanning machine administers local anesthesia to the surface of the abdominal wall.

Patients are required to stay in the hospital overnight, and if there is no drainage, the patient will be able to walk without aid. In case of drainage, the doctor will remove it the next day.

What’s the Recovery Period?

Patients will wear a compression garment around the abdomen for six weeks, but the recovery time is similar to other tummy tuck surgeries. Patients can shower after about ten days and are advised by their doctors not to work for at least two weeks. Recovery time can vary from patient to patient and can prolong if there are complications. Patients must adhere to post-surgery instructions by doctors to experience a smooth recovery.

Are Results Long Lasting?

Maintaining a healthy weight and a lifestyle of exercise and staying in shape, the procedure can last forever. Bear in mind, however, that over time age sets in and can loosen skin once more.