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Baby Got Back Problems? Be Perky and Pain-Free With a Breast Reduction

Why would anyone complain about big breasts?! Well…several reasons.

Our plastic surgeons are no strangers to seeing  patients who want bigger breasts. With breast augmentations being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, it’s no wonder that its counterpart—breast reductions—doesn’t get as much attention.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Having bigger breasts is often a coveted feature. Many women believe that they would feel sexier and more confident if only they had big breasts. But what if there were women out there who believed the exact opposite? 

Large, heavy breasts can cause discomfort when they’re out of proportion to the rest of your body. As you age and gain weight, your shoulders naturally roll forward, compressing nerve fibers in the space between your collarbone, shoulder blades, and ribs. Over time, the pain from these compressed nerves can be uncomfortable and even unbearable in some cases.

Women with larger breasts often experience these physical symptoms at an earlier age. It’s not uncommon for young women or even teenagers to have these painful symptoms once their breasts develop. A breast reduction can significantly help with these issues, but it’s an important decision you should make after consulting with your doctor and a trusted plastic surgeon.

With these consultations, your doctor will be able to answer your questions and recommend or discourage a breast reduction to address your symptoms. The most common signs that women experience when they have disproportionate, heavy breasts are:

  • Pressure on the shoulders caused by bra straps supporting too much weight
  • Severe back and neck pain
  • Numbness in your hands and fingers
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath

A breast reduction surgery is exactly what it sounds like—a procedure that reduces the size and weight of your breasts, alleviating pain and discomfort associated with your breasts.

Before and after pictures of one of our breast reduction surgeries in Miami.

A Few Things to Consider

As with any surgical procedure, there are several things you should consider before going through an invasive procedure like this one. While there are many benefits of getting breast reduction surgery, you may wonder if it’s even worth the trouble to go under the knife, as it requires your body time to recover. Here are some difficulties you should consider before getting a breast reduction and lift.

  • Change in sensitivity. After your surgery, the sensations you get in your breasts may be different than how they were before the procedure. This could pose a problem in the future if you plan on having children, as it could affect breastfeeding and decrease your milk supply. Some women choose to address this problem by having their breast reduction and lift after they’ve finished having children, as they know their breasts will change throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  • Numb nipples. Along with sensitivity issues, you may also develop numbness in your nipples. This could affect sexual stimulation and your feelings of pleasure with your partner. However, this is usually not a big deal for women undergoing breast reductions in Miami. Women with larger breasts sometimes already have numbness, and they can gain feeling in their breasts through their surgery. Whatever your side effects are, the nerves in your breasts should be preserved and cared for, and qualified plastic surgeons know this. The best plastic surgeons in Miami will make sure to minimize as much nerve damage as possible. 


  • Scarring. In the medical world today, we have the best techniques and products to reduce the appearance of scars and to make them look as small as possible. However, because you will have to go under the knife, scarring will happen. They may be easily visible and even permanent, so talk to your plastic surgeon about what you can do to care for your incision sites and minimize the scarring. Plastic surgeons are in the business of making you look good, so the best surgeon will ensure you have the smallest, least noticeable scars.

All of these things aside, a breast reduction can help your back problems tremendously. A breast reduction and lift can make you perky and pain-free!

Breast Reduction Surgery in Miami

Read more about our breast reduction surgery in Miami and the process our surgeons go through for this pain-alleviating procedure. Our doctors and staff are here to answer any questions you may have about a breast reduction and lift. Schedule a free consultation with the best plastic surgeons in Miami!