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Time for a Mommy Makeover: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Let’s face it—moms go through a lot. The journey of pregnancy and childbirth takes a toll on a woman’s body, and with taking care of the baby, it can be challenging for women to find time to exercise and cook healthy meals. 

Not to mention the fact that pregnancy and childbirth permanently alter womens’ bodies in several ways. This change can lead to feelings of insecurity and unconfidence. That’s why the Mommy Makeover in Miami is so popular.

What’s a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover surgery is a well-known plastic surgery operation that mothers opt for after having kids. This procedure aims to correct the changes that occur in a woman’s body due to childbearing. For this reason, the most common target area for the Mommy Makeover surgery in Miami, FL, is typically the stomach, which usually has stubborn fat that is hard to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. 

Therefore, an essential part of the surgery is a tummy tuck or liposuction. These procedures are often combined with something else such as breast surgery, a breast lift, breast implants, or an implant and a lift.

The goal of the Mommy Makeover is to revert the changes that naturally occur in women’s bodies when having babies. Common changes involve sagging breasts, loss of breast volume, or a loss of breast firmness due to breastfeeding and the enlargement of the breasts as they fill with milk during and after pregnancy. 

In addition, these changes to the breasts are almost always permanent and cannot be corrected without surgery. It is entirely normal to want to have the breasts you had before giving birth to your children. Some other changes include stretched skin, separated muscles, and looseness in the abdomen with some fatty fullness.

Unfortunately, diet and exercise cannot make these changes entirely and cannot help the stomach muscles go back together or remove loose skin. When our Miami surgeons at Nip Tuck Aesthetics perform a Mommy Makeover, tummy tucks, lipo, and breast surgeries occur at the same time.

The advantage that these simultaneous procedures offer is that patients can experience an easier recovery. The time off is also the same as if a patient only underwent one operation. One surgery is easier to recover from than two separate surgeries on separate days. Patients can also save money with one surgery that has multiple procedures.

Before and After photos after liposuction procedure.
One of our plastic surgeons, Dr. Jon Ver Halen, expertly performs liposuction on hundreds of patients, like this one!

Preparation for Your Mommy Makeover Surgery

As with all surgical procedures, there is a level of prep work the patient has to keep in mind. The best preparation work is proper consultations with your surgeon, and establishing realistic expectations of what your body will look like directly after your surgery and after recovering.

Healthy diet and exercise, keeping body mass index below 30, and ensuring a diet full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants are the types of things that help with wound healing and recovery after an operation.

It is also important to establish good family support. There are times during recovery that patients will need extra help at home. Everyone around a patient must support the surgery to assist with things a patient cannot perform postoperatively.

Mommy Makeover in Miami, FL | Nip Tuck Aesthetics

Searching for liposuction and tummy tuck in Miami will lead you to Nip Tuck Aesthetics, one of the area’s highly respected practices. At Nip Tuck Aesthetics, our patients are fortunate to enjoy the care of highly qualified plastic surgeons. Learn more about our Mommy Makeover in Miami, and contact us today to book a free consultation!