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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Liposuction

If you’ve tried every fad diet, ab exercise, and detox tea on the market but you still haven’t gotten rid of that stubborn belly fat, look no further than liposuction, a popular Miami plastic surgery procedure. 

Where Did Surgical Fat Removal Come From?

The concept of liposuction is actually a lot older than you may think. A French surgeon, Charles Dujarier, is commonly credited with the idea of surgical fat removal and body contouring procedures. Dujarier tested and further developed his ideas and surgical techniques, paving the way for other scientists and surgeons.

However, it wasn’t until 1974 that liposuction really came back onto the scene. Other surgeons over the years had even more successful attempts at fat removal procedures, leading to the blunt tunneling technique, the foundation of modern lipo. But there was still potential for even greater results. 

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dr. Yves-Gerard Illouz developed a technique that used a blunt-tipped cannula, a type of tube. The Illouz Method was highly regarded around the world because it resulted in fewer complications, shorter recovery times, and better results. 

By the 1990s, cosmetic surgeons improved upon these different liposuction techniques, including adding lidocaine and compression techniques to make the patient more comfortable and yield better results. 

In addition, doctors began using ultrasound technology to liquefy fat prior to using suction technology so that the process would be easier. All of these improvements led to what we know as modern liposuction today and other body contouring and surgical fat removal procedures. The history and long-term data we have on lipo is vast; it’s a trusted surgical process that has only gotten more advanced and more safe.

Woman showing excess fat around her midsection.
Sometimes no amount of dieting and exercising can take away that stubborn area of fat.

Benefits of Lipo in Miami | Miami Plastic Surgery

One of the most popular draws of lipo in Miami is the ability to remove fat from areas of the body that often accumulate extra fat. These include the abdomen, neck, and arms—the most common areas that patients choose to get lipo in. Nevertheless, liposuction can offer some additional benefits as well, including:

Increased Motivation

It can be draining and exhausting to keep up with a diet and exercise regimen everyday and still see little to no results. The reality is that while these things are important for your health, they are often slow methods of weight loss and/or fat loss. This can drive you to feel less motivated to work out and eat healthy. 

A more toned body can help you feel more motivated to get up, work out, and eat healthier without restricting yourself too much and feeling miserable.

Reduced Inflammation

Liposuction can potentially remove an overall number of inflammatory cells in the body by up to 11 percent. Reducing these cells can help patients reduce their risk of developing serious health issues concerning inflammation.


Few people set out with the goal of gaining excess weight. This can make patients feel unhealthy and unattractive. Conversely, weighting less and having a shapely body can improve overall self-esteem and interest in sex.

Want to learn more about the liposuction process? Read more about it on our site! Take a look at our before and after images of real clients who underwent lipo in Miami with us at Miami plastic surgery office, Nip Tuck Aesthetics. Schedule a free consultation with us to talk more about getting your dream body with liposuction.